Social Sincerity, Spiritual Sobriety, Secured Success

There’s always a breaking point in life; without a helping hand, life is nothing but a mere digging of your own past.

What We Do

Psychological and Social Well-being Support

The rate of recidivism in Singapore is high, despite it being constant over the years.   Many first-time ex inmates relapsed or return to prison due to little support and guidance given to them during the process of in-care, pre-release and aftercare. They may have to cope with changes in social environment, living with the stigma of society’s labels and affecting their social recovery. Unfortunately, there are some who cannot cope with the stress and demands of the fast-changing lifestyle and environment   resulting in frequent entries to Prison. 

Education and Learning Support  

Research have shown that individuals who commit criminal, drug-related or social offences may have issues with learning, retention and attention span in their schooling years. They may also be under-achieving and may have dropped out of the mainstream education education. Believe it or not, many of them have learning disabilities which often go undiagnosed. We assist these individuals by providing individualised and group learning classes in the area of literacy, numeracy, culinary skills, digital media literacy and content production as well as retail and finance management. This will enhance the employability of these individuals when they go to the workforce. 






Past Event

HeartS Care

The VAH Art’sOut Workshop

 To build a safe space for talented inmates or ex inmates to work on their art skill.

In-care pre released program

To build the needed trust between the inmates & Human HeartS to open up and know their actual needs upon release. 

In-Care & Aftercare Literacy Training

Training on proper skills to be financially successful and start learning healthy habits on daily finances. 


BeBuddy is there to make a certainty that we are there for them & also understand the needed values and what are their actual needs in and out of Prison.

family services

Motivation, learning and spiritual guidance are available for the children, siblings, spouses and parents of the offenders.

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