Therapy and Learning Support Services


We provide low-cost services in the field of psychotherapy (counselling), educational therapy as well as learning support to families and friends of offenders who have children with learning and behaviour issues in school. Our resident education therapist  as well as our learning support assistants have experience working with  with offenders or family members who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disabilities (e.g. Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Non-verbal Learning Disabilities, Dyspraxia), Significant Language Impairment those with with learning and / or behaviour issues to achieve their potential and succeed with daily learning and living. We use a combination of approaches and programs e.g.  structured teaching, synthetic phonics and whole language approach, Picture Exchange Communication System, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Based Therapy, Diagnostic-Diaglogic Art Therapy, Sandplay Therapy, Project Based Learning and Solution Focused Therapy. 

Our team provide tele-consults,  online, or face-to-face and small group assessments, intervention and coaching in the following area:

  • Psychometric

    • Problem Solving Skills

    •  Non-verbal Reasoning 

  • Curriculum-Based Measurements

    • Reading and Comprehension 

    • Mathematical abilities

Speech and Language Training

·       Oral Language – Word extension and expansion 

·       Organising and delivering speech 

·       Becoming an effective and confident communicator

·       Articulation and pronunciation 

  •    Oral and Social Communication Skills 

·       Picture Exchange Communication

·       Attending and Listening skills

·       Overcoming anxiety of oral presentation and    exams  

·       Expressive and Receptive Language Skills


Socio-emotional Learning

·       Anger, Stress and Emotional Management 

·       Building Self-Confidence

·       Motivation and Resiliency training

·       Perspective Taking and Thinking

·       Coping with work / school-related stress and anxiety (e.g. responding to peer pressure, bullying, sustaining relationships and study skills)

·       Preparing for work life

·       Social Skills 


Language and Literacy


·       Phonics and Phonology

·       Spelling, vocabulary and grammar

·       Building words to sentences

·       Composing effective paragraphs and editing

·       Essay and academic writing 

·       Oral, listening and reading Comprehension

·       Workplace Literacy Skills

·       Exam and test taking skills  

Numeracy, Mathematics and Financial Literacy

·       Mathematical Thinking Process 

·       Computation and whole numbers

·       Extended work with number and operations

·        Algebra and functions

·       Concepts and applications in geometry

·       Measurement and daily applications

·       Data Analysis and Handling and Representation

·       Interpreting and attending to word problems

·       Exam and test taking skills

·       Numeracy and the workplace

·       Finance : Personal and at the workplace   


Aesthetics for Individual Expression
  • Visual Arts – Crafts, Paints and Brushes  
  • Music and Dance Performance 



Assessment – $250 

Individual Coaching (One-on-one)  – $70 to $100 

Group Coaching  (2 to 4 individuals) : $35 to $50

Online Coaching on digital platform – $30 – $50  

 *Each session lasts between 1 to 1.5 hour block, depending on the needs and abilities of the learners. 


Our society offers financial subsidises up to 80% of session fees for needy individuals and families