Cooking with Love

Mr Razali, a 40- year-old reformer, approached Human HeartS for support. Jobless and homeless, Mr Firdaus, our case worker met him at a coffee shop after being notified of his needs. Mr Firdaus sought a temporary shelter while assisting him with his rented housing application by writing in to the Social Service Office. He was lucky also to be offered part-time job at Weeat Pte Ltd  as cook to sustain his daily living. Help from people in the neighbourhood poured to donate used clothes to Mr Razali when they heard about his needs. Mr Razali, who attends the individualised coaching on his emotional needs, financial  literacy and IT skills, is now able to produce marketing collaterals to enhance his employability skills by earning launching a social enterprise project to sell epok-epok (curry puffs) and Roti Jala (laced crepes) in which part of the sales earned is used to fund for the education and sustainable living for ex-offenders.

Mama, Papa… Don’t Fight… I need Help!


Nora  has difficulty with almost every subject in school. At 12-years-old, the Primary 6 student is reading and spelling at Primary Two level. Nora attends educational therapy twice weekly to work on her spelling, reading comprehension and sentence writing skills. Using the words that she is able to read,  the therapist embeds Nora’s  interest in nature to construct story sums to motivate her interest to attempt them. Math is her least favourite subject in school. Nora also uses the computer to journal her own encounters with bullies in school as well as her hopes and dreams for her parents to patch up despite their divorce. While working with her educational therapist on her cognitive and socio-emotional skills, Nora’s mum attends regular coaching sessions to cope with the her own trauma of being abused through and abandoned by her former husband who is dependent on methamphetamine.